Thursday, April 22, 2010


certain times feels like disapearing completely into another world which doesnt exist.. very often someone calls out from within that this isnt meant for u...walk away...but what to do relations have already been built...cudnt ignore them by any chance...

there are certain relations which get its name first and the meaning later...certain relations means whole world for you....teaches u everything....but v fail to understand what relation is it until we find it walking away.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Pardon me,if I am wrong!
I could be right or wrong,
Be with me in all my steps, to correct punish me.
Be in me, my friend,
To understand me from myself!
Stop me on my heart, if I'm wrong
And kiss me softly if I'm right!
You are the only one, I could rely on.
I'm a blend of love and hatred.
Please chaff that hatred off from my heart.
And saturate it with love and only love.
Make me the purest kind,
And swat that devil from me.
Make me an angel among human kind.
Oh my lord, my God!
You are my friend, my guide and my power.
Lead me through the path of light,
A path with the scent of love
And a rhythm of heaven!

Friday, January 8, 2010

its long tym since i peeped into ma blog space......
n it has been long ,long since i ve touched ma pen...somhow cnt write now...i dont even find tym to think...not coz m somthing is pulling me bac...cnt understand wt..
bt nw i realize, it is afeecting ma life, thots, attitude etc a lot.....i dnt want to b d present me ;stiff n serious...jus wanna get bac dat 'old me' somhow..m trying...c, d start of it is, dis lil talk of mine in dis blog after ages...wish me gud luck...bubye....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

those white shadows are still following...
shadows that shut d soul from heart...
i kept walking
more i walk,
d more i find, feelings r nvr in ma reach!
they walked....i followed!
there were twists n turns...
but ignored it all!
but not more..
i surrender on my knees...
take me where ever u want to!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my first design...

our first year main project was to design any one among dis...
*water cascade
*river front restaurant
*tree top restaurant
*bus stop

somehow d word tree top inspired me..n jus randomly chose tree top restaurant as my design project...(to b very frank, i dint even know how it looked like..)

usually first years wud b given some kind of
small projects b4 doing all these huge ones...v dint even ve d xperiance of designing a dog house...
d more i started making d sketches of ma design
, the more confused i became...
finally i managed to make a design...n it got approved..

den d nxt step was model making...huh...

v r first batch of our college..i ve nvr seen a architectural model b4...
imagine hw blank my mind wud ve been...
i dint know wr 2 start...

dis single project cud fetch us 450 marks...
i thought im dead...i hrd my brain yelling "year out"!

..i startd wid smthing...developed me, i dint know wt i ws doing... slowly i felt, its getting some form...i ws happy... i did wtever came in mind, without thinking...n finally found dat, i cud find not even a single similarity between my approved design n model..

i submitted it n thank god, professors dint reject it...
whether b cud or bad...dat was my first design in my architectural life... n im loving it...

"MY" tree top restaurant.

(site: bhavani island, vijayawada)

decks n spiral stairs....->

entrance and reception area->

side view

Monday, August 24, 2009

got 3 mnths LONG vacation after 1st b frank, it ws quite i thot i will do smthing useful...n took a paper n a 4B pencil..n started scratching on it...if u call it as sketching..
i know im nowhere near my classmates in sketches(GODD....dey ve got loads of creativity...)
n as usual, after doing 3 bac to square no.1...lazyyyyyyyyyyy.....

Unconditional LOve...!

From the word it means,

It is something for which i lean.

It is something from heart,

Which reflects God's greatest art.

It is as innocent as a baby.

It is soft and at times hard may be...

Without any promises or conditions,

It is a short still long expedition.

It works out without a single word.

A gentle pinprick may hurt as a cut with sword.

It causes an infant to smile,

And destructs the distances even if miles.

It touches us without waking us,so gently...

And whispers rhythm of care, so silently...

We'll never know that it came to us,

Until it pretends to leave creating great fuss.

At this moment you might be going throught it.

But i'm sure, that you have never got that hit.

It is is there...It is this...It is that...

And it may be something that attracts you and me...!!!